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How to get a York, PA Manufacturing Job

How to get a York, PA Manufacturing Job

York manufacturing jobs pay well, provide job security, and offer opportunity. For example, an aspiring machinist can start training at 18, do a one- or two-year manufacturing apprenticeship, and, in five years, he or she could be making more than $50,000. “In 10 years, that could double to $100,000,” writes Parija Kavilanz in the article “$100K Manufacturing Jobs” on CNN.Money.Com.   So the question is, why are so many York manufacturing jobs left unfilled? The answer: The average high school graduate is not qualified for an entry level position in manufacturing.

Some of the skills high school graduates desperately need in order to land an entry level manufacturing job include: Mechanical skills, welding skills, electrical skills, shop skills, computer skills, measuring skills, and strong math and science skills. Often entry level manufacturing jobs require workers be able to operate, fix, and trouble shoot the machines they use. (Unfortunately, because many high schools have eliminated their shop programs, most graduates can’t identify simple tools!) In addition, soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, problem solving and creativity are equally important to employers.

Clearly, the solution to this problem is training. There are job openings that can only be filled by trained employees. The good news is York County offers two places high school graduates can acquire the training they need. The York County School of Technology located at 2179 S Queen Street offers excellent adult education programs in forklift training, industrial controls and automation technology, welding technology, computer aided drafting and manufacturing technology, CAD/CAM manufacturing technology, and precision metal machining. Visit their website or call them at 741-0802 for more information.

Harrisburg Area Community College offers over 40 different programs in manufacturing and technical skills training. Because the I83 corridor is the home to many warehouses, HACC’s York campus located at 2010 Pennsylvania Avenue features a warehouse technician training course where students learn to operate forklifts and high lifts as well as learn basic computer skills. Upon course completion students have the skills to receive shipments, identify incoming material via barcode, locate items in a warehouse, stretch wrap and stack pallets, unload trucks, utilize the forklift and high lift, bring skids onto and take them off of racks, and secure items in a truck so they do not move around. Harrisburg Area Community College’s Harrisburg Campus offers a variety of certifications and classes in welding and industrial automation including controls and machining classes. For more information, visit their website or give them a call at 718-0328.

For over 250 years, York County manufacturers have led Pennsylvania in the production and packaging of snacks and foods, refrigeration, cooling and heating equipment, electronics, labels and more. It’s no surprise these manufacturers employ nearly 20 percent of the local population. It’s also no surprise they’re searching for qualified staff with specific skills. Projected retirements along with seasonal work, new orders, and custom requests have created vacancies that must be filled. Whether you’re a manufacturer who needs qualified manufacturing employees or someone who wants to start a career in manufacturing, Chartwell Staffing Solutions of York is here to help; call us today at 370-7003.

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