Empowering Manufacturing

Chartwell Staffing Solutions is a renowned provider of manufacturing recruiting and placement services, recognized as an industry leader. With an unwavering commitment to leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and vast network of connections, our teams possess a profound understanding of our client's unique hiring challenges. This enables us to swiftly identify and secure top-tier talent to fulfill their critical staffing requirements. Whether your manufacturing needs involve mass production or custom engineering, our specialized expertise and in-depth sector knowledge make us the ideal partner to find the perfect talent for your Manufacturing Team. Count on Chartwell Staffing Solutions to be firmly by your side, supporting your talent acquisition goals every step of the way.

A Few Manufacturing Areas We Support


Quality Control Inspector


Forklift Operator

CNC Operator

Instrumentation Technician

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At Chartwell Staffing Solutions, we understand the importance of reliable and skilled talent in the manufacturing industry. Our team of experts has years of experience providing staffing solutions for manufacturing facilities, from machine operators to skilled technicians. We are committed to finding the right talent for your business, ensuring a seamless match for all involved. With our extensive network of skilled workers and our focus on quality, safety, and efficiency, you can trust us to provide the workforce you need to keep your manufacturing operations running smoothly.