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Job Details

Pay will be $19hr. to start ( Once they are under our payroll this will go up some)


They will earn / accrue PTO – 1 week the first yean and then 2 the following year.


Once hired they will get medical dental vison and 401K.


Dress code is business casual. No blue jeans and appropriate dress for an office


Must be tested on MS word and MS Excel prior to sending resume to John.


Must be able to reliably commute and work 8-5 and will receive an hour lunch Unpaid.


Must be comfortable with using programs (agility).  If they are comfortable with Excel and word, Agility will be an easy learn.


Must possess customer service skills and be ok with sitting, phone call and typing / data entry 95% of their day.

No telemarketing.  Customers will call in orders and ask product related questions.  The job will be to handle these calls and get tickets punched for delivery.   Training will be provided on the products and initial 90 probationary period will be supervised.


This is a non-smoking facility.  Smoke breaks are not given.

No cell phones will be allowed except for the initial login verification.   Then phones must be turned off and put away.  Computer useage is monitored.